Welcome to the Yang Lab!

Welcome to the Yang Lab! We are a neuroscience research lab located in the Tufts Medical School campus in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Our lab focuses on understanding broad neuron to glia, especially astroglia, communication mechanisms and how the dysregulation of these communication mechanisms contributes to disease processes of various neurological diseases, including the neurodevelopmental disorder Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and neurodegenerative diseases (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease). We use a wide range of modern experimental approaches with in vitro primary cell culture and in vivo mouse models to address these questions.

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6/2023: Jon Hacker will be joining the Yang Lab to begin his Ph.D. studies. Welcome, Jon!

Kathryn Reynolds was awarded the 2022 Neuroscience Chair’s Award for Post-Doctoral Research. She also placed 3rd in the Tufts Neuroscience Retreat Poster Contest.

5/2023: Elly Keum joined the Yang Lab as Senior Research Technician. Welcome, Elly!

3/2023: CONGRATULATIONS  to our M.S. student Jingwen Hu for her acceptance to the GMCB Ph.D. program at Tufts University!

1/2023: CONGRATULATIONS to our lab manager, Rashed Alananzeh, and our M.S. student Maria Majid, who have been accepted into UCLA and Tufts MD programs, respectively.

9/2022: Rashed Alananzeh has been promoted to lab manager.

7/2022: Our lab technician Rashed Alananzeh was awarded an NIH NINDS supplement to conduct his own project titled: Comparison of exosome release and uptake into astrocytes between neuronal soma and neuronal axons. Congratulations Rashed!!

Kathryn Reynolds was awarded a FRAXA Fellowship. Congrats Kathryn!

9/2020: Yuqin’s paper “Astroglial FMRP deficiency cell-autonomously up-regulates miR-128 and disrupts developmental astroglial mGluR5 signaling” is published online ahead of print. Congratulations, Yuqin and Vanessa!

1/2020: First paper of the year on how Cocaine alters Neuron to Glia Exosome dynamics in the Nucleus Accumbems is published now on ‘Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience’!

10/19-23/19: Society of Neuroscience: Dr. Yang and Lab members will travel to Chicago for the 2019 Neuroscience meeting.

8/16/19: Last day with Andy and Leona before they go back to school. We wish them all the best!

7/2019: Paper Published in Neuron Communication!

5/17/19: Boston Interactive Glia Group (BIGG) Meeting